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Our projects have one focus in mind, and that is to go one step beyond our public speaking programs by mobilizing young people to learn how to work together in a team environment to participate in local and global community service projects.

Project Skidrow - Homeless
Periodically throughout the year, we rally together hundreds of young people to serve on Project Skidrow. This project was designed to mobilize young people from all walks of life to work alongside each other in an “All Night” event whereby they prepare warm meals and/or survival backpacks for homeless men, women, and children. For more information on our next
Project Skidrow

Project Africa - Clean Water
Once you’ve experienced the joy and satisfaction of serving people who are much less fortunate, the next adventure would be to join us for an overseas humanitarian mission project called, Project Africa. Egypt McKee has journeyed the past several years throughout Central Africa, and is passionate about leading young adults over to provide training and distribution of Clean Water products, as well as help thousands in remote areas benefit from launching relevant small businesses, which promote ownership, responsibility, and self-respect. For more information on our next Project Africa