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Egypt McKee

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Egypt McKee

Egypt McKee - Author, Public Speaker, Life Coach from Jesse Springer on Vimeo.

Egypt McKee is a dynamic motivational speaker, author, and life coach . Egypt’s life experiences range from being raised in the urban neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio, serving in the US Air Force, graduating from college, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for sport, and speaking to hundreds of thousands of young adults throughout the United States and internationally.

His speaking style is engaging, comedic and intense, yet he his audiences hang onto every word and always leave inspired with practical life-tools to encourage themselves and others. Egypt is convinced that every person is relevant and has a purpose, and his transparency on victories and failures in life is where young adults identify with stepping out towards their dreams.

Egypt and his wife Caryn have been married 26 years and have 3 children, Tiffany, Whitney, and E. Zachary. In his spare time, Egypt enjoys spending time with his family, skydiving, writing, playing music, and encouraging as many people as possible.