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Everyone understands the importance of Clean Water in life.

Project Africa is designed to mobilize young adults and adults alike to temporaily leave the comforts of the United States, and provide relevant humanitarian aid to thousands of men, women, and children throughout Central Africa.

“We build up people - not buildings,” says Egypt McKee, founder of Out of Egypt Ministries. Our focus is solely upon how we can most effectively teach and partner with our African neighbors to instill and inspire character and independence in their daily lives. In doing so, we have developed a short list of highly effective products and workshops which promote health and nutrition, education, and ethical business.

Clean Water
At the root of good health and nutrition is the essential need for clean water. This is truly an epidemic throughout Africa. It is tragic that anyone on planet earth would have to drink water from the same location where livestock bath and relieve themselves, or still water loaded with pollutants! We invite you to join us by sponsoring our Clean Water Life Straws project. The impact of this revolutionary device will provide clean water up to 1 year for an adult, and up to 2 years for a child. Our teams will personally travel into Africa with thousands of Life Straws, then facilitate training workshops for proper usage and care, and finally distribute to peoples in the locations we serve.

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Wedding Dresses
Many married women here in the United States have already experienced the joy of their special day, and their wedding dress is likely hanging in a closet somewhere. We have an epic opportunity just for you! We empower women throughout Central Africa by facilitating workshops which teach them how to launch and manage an ethical small business as a Wedding Dress Rental Franchise. It begins when we receive brand-new/like-new wedding dresses as contributions, and we package and transport them to Africa to provide as start-up assets along with relevant business principles. We have remarkable testimonials of women who are able to become independent and self-sufficient thru an ethical business model which provides for many.

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How do teach generosity .... by simply modeling it in everything you do! Goats are not part of our American diet, but it sure is in Africa. We purchase a male and female goats and give to predesignated needy families in the remote African villages in which we serve. Our instructions are clear, do not eat these goats until they produce an offspring, at which time the recipient much give away the first offspring as a gift to someone in another village whom they do not know. In the meantime, they may enjoy the milk that the goats provide, and after the first offspring is given away, then they may enjoy the meat. This is a “pay it forward” project, which teaches generosity, kindness, and respect for others. The results have been overwhelmingly positive over the past 5 years!

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